Why SEO ?

>> What is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )?

The Process of improving web pages so they rank higher in search engines for your targeted keywords.

>> What is organic / natural search result?


Organic SEO is the most popular form of Seach Engine Marketing with almost three-quarters of advertisers using this method, with paid placement a very close secong at 71%


5 Good Reason why SEO is important ?

  • Let your customer find you.
    Most people will not past the 3rd page in search results so getting to the first page is important.
  • User trust the Organic results to be more relevant to their search query than Paid search.
  • Majority of clicks are going to Organic Search Listing.
  • Very Low Marketing Cost when comparing with other Media but with very high return of investment.
  • Highest return of investment in Seach Engine Marketing.

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